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About Us

The Company

Geosinergia is an International Company specialists in geotechnical and structural health monitoring recognize nationally and internationally.

Established in Chile and having over 16 years of experience in mining and civil works industries. Serving the world with offices in Chile, Peru and Spain.

The Team

A multidisciplinary permanent staff of professionals and technical specialists in geotechnical and structural health monitoring in a wide variaty of projects around the world.

Our Clients

Mining and Civil Construction companies wanting to increase the safety and reduce operational costs of their projects .

We use the latest cutting-edge digital monitoring solutions and practices adecuate for their particular needs along with a comprehensive turnkey services and consultancy for:

Open pit and underground mines, tailings dams, conveyor belts, slurry pipelines, hydroelectrics dams, civil tunnels, high rise buildings.

Our Services




Global leader for connecting and wirelessly monitoring infrastructures in remote locations.

Construction and mining companies and operators of bridges, tunnels, dams, railways and many other inaccessible assets can now work with reliable data.


MetaSensing offers a range of ground-based and airborne radar sensors for natural and man-made hazard prevention and monitoring. 

Top-level radar technology and signal processing to provide risk assessment and early warnings.


Sisgeo specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of high-precision measuring instruments for civil and geotechnical engineering applications.

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Sensing solutions for safetly and stability in todays critical systems and structures.

Combining cutting edge optical technologies, engineering innovation and manufacturingdiligence 


World-class original design manufacturer 
of high quality optical interconnect solutions.


Sensing solutions are based on FBG fibers using unique DTG technology applicable for strain, temperature, displacement, pressure, load, vibration and soil deformation measurements.

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 Develops, manufactures and delivers worldwide the most complete range of high quality environmental monitoring systems.

Latest innavation includes G.Re.T.A - A Georesistivimeter fot Time Lapse Analisys for measuring the alteration over time of the soil’s resistivity profile.


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